My Journey

Ren has started and run her own businesses throughout her life and is passionate about enabling individuals and communities to support themselves through enterprise. Ren was born in Birmingham and is a proud mother to four children and one grandson.

As 1 in 7 people are self-employed at some point in their career, Ren believes enterprise learning is an important agenda which should be taught at an early age, and these skills are important whether you are employed or self-employed.

Throughout my career, I have sought and created opportunities that enable individuals and communities to support themselves through enterprise. I am now channelling my experience and contacts from various organisations to bring together Corporate, Charities, Government and local stakeholders’ agendas to concentrate on growth strategies to enable sustainable business, particularly through X-Forces Enterprise (XFE).

X-Forces Enterprise

As the Founder and CEO of CIC X-Forces Enterprise, Ren supports members of the Armed Forces community start-up businesses. Since 2013, X-Forces Enterprise has supported over 2200 business ventures launched by veterans, service leavers, reservists, cadets and/or family members. Ren was awarded an MBE for service to the Entrepreneurship in 2016 in the Queen’s 90th Birthday Honours list which has been one of her proudest moments to date. She is also a member of the Armed Forces community as a Reservist in the British Army.

‘There is an ethos and set of values by which the military community live and work; leave no one behind and work together as a team. Likewise, in the XFE community, established and growing businesses provide the next generation of support for the new businesses coming through.’

XFE is able to offer the UK military community the opportunity to establish and grow successful and sustainable start-up businesses. As a result, XFE directly contributes to the UK’s long-term economic growth and stability: creating sustainable business; expanding the jobs’ market, and ensuring the present and future wellbeing of the Service community.

Other Roles

Ren is also involved in other initiatives and fully supports diversity and inclusion. She has been appointed by the Chairman of the Federation of Small Business as their Armed Forces Champion where she will help advance policy change for the Armed Forces in business community. Ren is also a newly-appointed board member and SME Lead for Enterprise M3 LEP.

Ren is also a Visiting Fellow at Lord Ashcroft’s International Business School at Anglia Ruskin University. Alongside delivering lectures to students at the Business School, she is also helping to shape the academic agenda to cover topics that are central to military and education at graduate and post-graduate level.

She is also a keen advocate of women in business and in 2017, she brought together some of the country’s thought leaders for the Women 100 Female Leadership and Influence Strategic Forum – an incredible event celebrating 100 years of women in the Army. She also participates in the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) Women in Enterprise, where she is working towards highlight the gaps and looking for solutions to propose to the government for study and recommendation.



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